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Tips for Fixing VOIP Voice Quality Problems

While the majority of folks we speak to love the high quality, low cost and technological benefits of VOIP phone service,  we do run across folks that have some issues with the voice quality of it (although admittedly it happens rarely).
For those very few folks, here are some tips on how to address those issues:VOIP solutions

  1. Call your VOIP Service provider
    Less than 10% of sound quality issues we have seen with VOIP phone service are due to issues with the VOIP carrier itself, and we have found these carriers often have excellent tools to help you figure out where to look for the cause or causes of your sound quality issues;
  2. Try increasing your internet speed
    Because there are cases when either the listed internet speed in practice is not what you are getting or because you are using more bandwidth than you realize, trying  1 month at a higher internet speed might turn out to be a quick and easy fix.
  3. Make sure your office is set up to give internet priority to your VOIP
    The technical term for this is QOS. It simply means that any incoming or outgoing VOIP signals are given top priority over all other types of  emails, video etc. you might be sharing with your VOIP signal.  Start by checking with your Internet Service Provider to see if they can help you with this;
  4. Check your IP phones and computers cablescables
    If the building you are in is 5 or more years old, the cables may simply not be able to handle the higher amounts of traffic going over them (this is something JHB can help with);
  5. Have your Internet Service Provider replace your modem
    Older modems or ones with minor technical flaws in them can cause real problems with VOIP phone service. In most cases the carrier will  swap out your modem at no charge;
  6. Consider switching internet carriers
    Now and again for some reason a given internet service provider in spite of their best efforts simply can’t get the job done right at a specific location. Don’t fight it. Make the change and move on;IT tech
  7. Involve an IT Professional
    They can make sure all of the VOIP signals coming to and from the carrier are flowing as cleanly as possible. They can also give you good advice as to when its time to “give up the ghost” and switch internet service providers.

Finally VOIP technology is arguably the best thing to happen to business phone service since the advent of the multi-line business phone back in the 1930’s and 40’s.
Give it a clean and effective internet platform to work from and it will serve you well now, and for many years to come.

Business Phones Systems Should be Maintained just like Computers

Last week my company’s IT person informed me that security and maintenance upgrades were needed on our main office computer. Like just about all business owners these days without hesitation I authorized him to move forward with it!

Yet when I speak to business owners and managers about taking the same approach with their telephone system most times I get a very different response! This  in spite of the fact that the need and sense of urgency are  very much the same!  The reason I think is first of foremost due to the fact that;

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Hosted VOIP Phone Systems – Emancipating Businesses from the PBX.


Hosted VOIP Phone Systems – Emancipating Businesses from the PBX.

I’m an old school phone guy. From my first days working in the telecom industry  in the 1980’s a truly dependable phone system consisted of a main PBX control unit and phones. Any other model of phone system I thought was a risk to my customers that I believed was not worth taking.

To say the least, things have now changed! Today for a company of any size whether it has  1 employee or a staff of 500 if it is not in their plans to  switch to a hosted VOIP phone system they are doing their company, their customers and their prospects a great disservice! Hosted VOIP Phone Systems I believe are the single most dependable choice for businesses today. Here are some key reasons why:

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Reducing Phone Bill Costs for Non profits

If you have a favorite non-profit – whether you work, volunteer, provide financial support, or even if you do business with one, keep reading, because you can help them save money!

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Upgrade your phone system for no money down

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Details on how you can upgrade your phone system for no money down :
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