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Why Your Business Needs a Wireless Back-up Service

You know that losing internet connectivity is deadly for your business. 

But when internet problems arise, and you’re waiting for your service provider to fix them, there’s nothing more you can you do, right?


Now there is something you can do – you can take control so your business is no longer at the mercy of your provider! 

You can back-up your internet service just like you do other technologies in your office.

So, exactly what is a wireless internet backup service?

It is internet service using cell phone technology that can work just about anywhere there is cell phone service.  Questions I’m frequently asked about this great new option – and the answers I give my customers are:

  • How fast is it?
    Pretty fast. A basic circuit can run around speeds of 10mgs up 5mgs down. Enhanced circuits can offer higher even speeds.
  • How does it provide a backup to my company’s current internet service?
    With a device that you plug into your existing router. When the device senses the loss of internet connectivity from the primary carrier it immediately sends all internet traffic over the wireless internet. When the primary internet carrier circuit comes back online it senses that too and your internet traffic goes  back to using your primary carrier.

  • Will I know when my wireless backup internet kicks in?
    It most cases folks don’t even know it. Possibly if you are sending or downloading a huge data file it make take a little longer to process but that’s it.
  • Is it affordable?
    Yes extremely so. Prices start  at as little as $20 per month plus occasional usage. If one budgets $25 per month I think that will be sufficient for basic backup internet service. There is also a 1 time purchase of wireless interface switching device and that will run about $500 – a cost that will be repaid many times over when you factor in the down-time – and potential loss of business – you experience when the internet goes down.
  • Why does my business need it?
    As you may have already experienced, business come to an almost near halt when your internet fails. This technology eliminates that problem.

I recommend you don’t go another week without it.

Want help finding and setting up a wireless back-up internet service, call me @813-276-1666/toll free 866-459-7266 – or, if you prefer, email me directly at

Is a Hosted System is Right for Your Business?

Hosted phone systems are the latest technology that, just like the newest IPhone/Smartphone, are designed to give you more features and capacity.  But still, would one be the right fit for your business?

To help you make a determination, I’ve outlined the basics of these systems from what they are to what they offer.

A hosted phone system has its processing components in the cloud vs. a traditional phone system where the main cloud-based-phone-systemintelligence for it is located on premise using a CPU, KSU or PBX.

The most prominent features of these systems:

  • A hosted phone system is more dependable than a traditional phone system; since it is cloud based, incoming calls can always be answered even if your office loses power or internet service
  • The phones used with this type of service have more in common with a laptop or smartphone than they do the older style standard office phone – with all the benefits (see next bullet)
  • Systems offer features not found in the older, traditional phones such as call-transfer to phones Polycom 600outside of the system, like staffs’ cell phones or other offices – standard phones do not have this capacity; phones have incoming caller ID, voicemail with auto-attendant, and message on hold capacity
  • This service has no expensive feature upgrades, so when that time comes for you, all upgrades are handled by the carrier and are at no extra cost
  • Most cloud-based phone service providers offer free phones when you sign up
  • Phone clarity with these systems is far superior to traditional phones: for example, when you’re on speaker with traditional phones it’s obvious, and annoying for the person on the line; hosted phones’ speakers are the same quality as holding the receiver to your ear
  • If the above sounds interesting but not compelling, this may just do it for you: services start as low as $60/mo for a three person office

The businesses that won’t benefit from this state-of-the-art system/phones are:

  • Warehouses
  • Any business with no high speed internet
  • Cell phone only based businesses

Finally, many established providers handle these cloud based systems, so you have a choice of service carriers.  But, when considering a switch to a hosted phone system, be wary of:

  • Landline carriers offering to bring in a separate box of their own; this is not a true switch but a stop-gap measure – say no thank you
  • Fly by night hosted carriers – of the 100 carriers I recently found in a google search, maybe 6 were really good ones.
    Contact me directly for a list of carrier my company has screened and can highly recommend.

Impact Telecom

Impact Telecom is one of the high quality carriers who trust JHB to support their cloud-based phone services.impact telecom logo

Learn more about them from Regional Channel Manager Ed Kane….

Review: Polycom VVX 600IP Touchscreen speaker display phone

Touchscreen business phones are starting to proliferate, and that’s technology that can make your company very happy.

But, as with anything, there’s those that can be highly recommended, and those that…well…let’s just say don’t fall into that category.

I can highly recommend the Polycom VVX 600IP Touchscreen speaker display phone.

Polycom 600

What to like…Pretty much everything: Thumbs-Up

  • Except for the key pad and a few ancillary buttons  the phone is totally  touch screen, making it easy to add any combination of 20 incoming call appearances
  • 1 touch speed dial numbers & 1 touch intercoms or busy lamp fields (so you can see when a given person is on their phone)
  • Phones are Bluetooth compatible, allowing you to take the same cordless earpiece you use on your mobile phone and use it on/with your office  phone
  • The speakerphone is excellent (a big change for Polycom, since for years they made only high quality conference room phones); it’s so good in fact that for 80% of my calls I don’t need to use my headset and people don’t know I am on a speakerphone.

What to dislike:THUMBS-DOWN

The only downside if this is your first touchscreen phone is the learning curve.  Like any new phone it takes a little time to learn how to program items on the phone but even then most of it is just common sense. After a little one-time guidance a person should easily be able to pick up how to make changes and additions to their phone.  Also on future software releases I would love to see Polycom add a Wi-Fi programming feature that would allow one to program their VVX 600 phones from their PC, laptop or tablet.

Overall Rating: Five  stars...I find this VVX 600 to  be the single best office phone from any manufacturer I ever seen!  I expect that anyone who puts one on their desk will love it!