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Restoring Frontier’s Credibility In Tampa Bay

After an inexcusably rough transition from Verizon, Frontier’s Chairman and other top executives have been making  recent statements to the media saying basically that “all is well” here in Tampa Bay and they folks can move forward  trusting  that Frontier will be a reliable internet service and cable provider! As someone who lives and breathes such issues on a regular basis my response to that was..,

You have got to be kidding!!


If the folks at Frontier sincerely want to clean up their image here in  the Tampa Market– here are some suggestions I have  for you to turn things around:

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Tips on Making The Most of Your Voice Mail

man with phoneAs a Telecom professional for over 30 years, the communications technology I have seen most often misused is voice mail.

To help JHB Telephone customers make the most of this tool, here are some guidelines for the best use of voice mail – one of the best friends a company and business professional can have.

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Business Phones Systems Should be Maintained just like Computers

Last week my company’s IT person informed me that security and maintenance upgrades were needed on our main office computer. Like just about all business owners these days without hesitation I authorized him to move forward with it!

Yet when I speak to business owners and managers about taking the same approach with their telephone system most times I get a very different response! This  in spite of the fact that the need and sense of urgency are  very much the same!  The reason I think is first of foremost due to the fact that;

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New Biz Text Messaging Service from JHB

If you are in any service business, from restaurants & medical offices, to retail, insurance, and law…
a text message service is a must!!

Here’s the main reason:

stat-it (1)

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Phone Service & Internet Bill over $200? Let us help you pay a lot less!

Prices are dropping faster than ever ( that I have seen) so why pay more for your monthly phone service??


Personally, I work hard for to help my company be as profitable as possible and I hate the idea of squandering a penny – let alone thousands of dollars per year on unnecessary  expenses -including paying too much for my company’s monthly internet and phone bill!

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