Hotel Phone System Products from JHB

JHB Telephone is pleased to announce our Affordable Cloud Based Service Solutions (including phone equipment) that’s perfect for the Hotel and Motel Industry!

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The challenges for today’s hotel/motel owners have never been greater.

While demand is strong, competition is fierce, customer expectations are high, and the challenges to streamline operations  for economy without reducing service quality, are essential in order to maintain profitability.

We at JHB get that, so, working with our partners, we have put together a very affordable  package that includes pretty much everything you need to increase quality, economically, and it includes phone equipment, local & long distance phone service, internet access, and more, all that will make sense for any size facility, from 10 rooms to 1000 rooms!  And, We can help you find and connect to the most affordable and technically compatible area  internet provider!cut Phone bill

Benefits include:

  • 1 monthly charge for everything including both equipment and service

  • local and long distance charges are included

  • toll free number is included

  • Phones and equipment

  • Maintenance and Support included

  • Never miss an incoming call again

  • Online Interface to bill rooms for long distance or similar charges

  • Easy to use

  • Keep y0ur  facilities existing phone number

All of the above plus much more for one low monthly fee!

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Want to learn more?

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