Now Frontier Wants Your Phone System Business too


IMPORTANT ALERT TO ALL BUSINESS OWNERS AND MANAGERS: You won’t believe who is now trying to get your company to trust them with your phones!

That’s right folks! The same people that brought  Tampa Bay the worst service and support  ever from a phone/Internet carrier that to my knowledge anyone in this area  has ever seen, now incredulously is sending out invoices to businesses  asking them to also trust them with their phone systems !!

They are being someone slick about it too because so far the invoices I have seen do say Verizon on them. However since the packages on the invoice also include high speed  internet and since Verizon is  no longer  selling high speed internet in the area…
Suggestion  to the folks at Frontier:   How about spending the rest of  2016 actually establishing yourself in Tampa Bay as a truly credible source for your core business of internet and   phone service before you go trying to upsell folks for additional products and services!

In the meantime folks with rumors of bird cage lining materials possibly  rising in the area I can think of something truly useful that a business can do with these invoices/solicitations  when they receive them.. If you happen to receive one of these  solicitations in the mail — consider this the only useful thing worth doing with it.  Happy tweeting!

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