Restoring Frontier’s Credibility In Tampa Bay

After an inexcusably rough transition from Verizon, Frontier’s Chairman and other top executives have been making  recent statements to the media saying basically that “all is well” here in Tampa Bay and they folks can move forward  trusting  that Frontier will be a reliable internet service and cable provider! As someone who lives and breathes such issues on a regular basis my response to that was..,

You have got to be kidding!!


If the folks at Frontier sincerely want to clean up their image here in  the Tampa Market– here are some suggestions I have  for you to turn things around:

  1. Stop pretending  there still aren’t major problems! Among those issues  1)poorly or not working circuits 2) Support phone call wait times of an hour or more 3) install dates  from April that still haven’t been met 3) The most of the time near clueless support personnel  that one reaches once they fight through the 1 hour plus wait times!   There is no “mission accomplished”!  You have some serious issues that you have to fix in the region before you can claim that!
  2. Understand that you had a terrible reputation coming into this transition!Folks were expecting the worse but WOW  – after the way you so badly bungled this transition from Verizon there are outhouses in rural Florida that could pass the smell test better than you can!  3.  Waive the early termination fee for folks that want to move to another carrier. Give them  a set date – say June 30th – to either stay or go. If you really want folks to believe that you are a good enough company for folks to in the Tampa Bay area to trust then this should not be an issue! Moreover if the caliber  of your service and support is as high quality  as you keep bragging about in the media  — you should have no concern about large numbers of customers leaving! For those that do leave by not fighting them you show a lot of corporate class and in doing so the goodwill you create may win them back in the future!

Do these things Frontier and I think you’ll  find Tampa Bay  to be a great and profitable  place to do business! Pass on doing these things.., and thinks you’ll find your market share and new sales drop faster than a lead ball off of the Oldsmar bridge!