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Love Your Norstar? Then You’ll Love This!

We understand that all of you Norstar phone systems owners have an attachment and loyalty to these systems not seen with other phone equipment owners.

Yet, as these systems get older keeping them at their best has become an increasingly costly proposition.

Well, help is here. JHB is pleased to have recently acquired a limited supply of good condition used 7324 Executive Display Sets.

executive display phones

Better yet, they’re just $50 each plus tax.

Buy 3 get one FREE.

Shipping is free for orders of 3 or more.

To order yours, call us at 813-276-1666 X115 or contact us by email.

Review: Polycom VVX 600IP Touchscreen speaker display phone

Touchscreen business phones are starting to proliferate, and that’s technology that can make your company very happy.

But, as with anything, there’s those that can be highly recommended, and those that…well…let’s just say don’t fall into that category.

I can highly recommend the Polycom VVX 600IP Touchscreen speaker display phone.

Polycom 600

What to like…Pretty much everything: Thumbs-Up

  • Except for the key pad and a few ancillary buttons  the phone is totally  touch screen, making it easy to add any combination of 20 incoming call appearances
  • 1 touch speed dial numbers & 1 touch intercoms or busy lamp fields (so you can see when a given person is on their phone)
  • Phones are Bluetooth compatible, allowing you to take the same cordless earpiece you use on your mobile phone and use it on/with your office  phone
  • The speakerphone is excellent (a big change for Polycom, since for years they made only high quality conference room phones); it’s so good in fact that for 80% of my calls I don’t need to use my headset and people don’t know I am on a speakerphone.

What to dislike:THUMBS-DOWN

The only downside if this is your first touchscreen phone is the learning curve.  Like any new phone it takes a little time to learn how to program items on the phone but even then most of it is just common sense. After a little one-time guidance a person should easily be able to pick up how to make changes and additions to their phone.  Also on future software releases I would love to see Polycom add a Wi-Fi programming feature that would allow one to program their VVX 600 phones from their PC, laptop or tablet.

Overall Rating: Five  stars...I find this VVX 600 to  be the single best office phone from any manufacturer I ever seen!  I expect that anyone who puts one on their desk will love it!

The Best Desk Phone EVER…

I have been working with phones for more years than I can count and
I have never seen a better business phone than the
Polycom 500/600 IP Phone!

Polycom 500 600 IP PhoneHere’s why:

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JHB Welcomes Dr. Ortiz Dental as new customer

JHB is pleased to welcome The Center for Smiles – Dr. Ramon Ortiz in Oldsmar  Florida as a new JHB customer!

We recently switched them from Brighthouse phones and service to one of our hosted IP phone systems through Impact Telecom!

Dr Ortiz interior







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