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New lower Cost Phone Systems from JHB


Now Frontier Wants Your Phone System Business too


IMPORTANT ALERT TO ALL BUSINESS OWNERS AND MANAGERS: You won’t believe who is now trying to get your company to trust them with your phones!

That’s right folks! The same people that brought  Tampa Bay the worst service and support  ever from a phone/Internet carrier that to my knowledge anyone in this area  has ever seen, now incredulously is sending out invoices to businesses  asking them to also trust them with their phone systems !!

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Business Phones Systems Should be Maintained just like Computers

Last week my company’s IT person informed me that security and maintenance upgrades were needed on our main office computer. Like just about all business owners these days without hesitation I authorized him to move forward with it!

Yet when I speak to business owners and managers about taking the same approach with their telephone system most times I get a very different response! This  in spite of the fact that the need and sense of urgency are  very much the same!  The reason I think is first of foremost due to the fact that;

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Tips on Selling Your Old Phone System

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By John Benincasa Jr.
JHB Telephone

Every month my company get calls or inquiries off of our website  from business owners or managers with out of service phones systems and equipment they would like to sell. In just about all cases they have huge expectations on how much they will be able to get for their phone equipment. Below  are some things that are useful to know if you are ever one of them.

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New Phones by JHB at the 7 Chamber Trade Show June 16th


Come see JHB show you how the latest in phone technology can save your
business money and increase sales!

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