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New lower Cost Phone Systems from JHB


Reducing Phone Bill Costs for Non profits

If you have a favorite non-profit – whether you work, volunteer, provide financial support, or even if you do business with one, keep reading, because you can help them save money!

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Controlling Your Costs

Tips for lowering/controlling your office communications costs:

  • For business phone service – never sign up with a carrier for more than 1 year.  Long term contracts sound good but in the end up sticking you with higher monthly costs! To find the lowest cost phone carrier for you contact us! At no charge we will connect you with the carrier that is best for you!
  • By choosing a VOIP  phone system you can save more than 50% over conventional phone systems! Benefits include: Significantly lower cost, Features that improve efficiency, Centralized system maintenance, Support of multiple offices and remote workers, Communication of a big business feel to clients,  phones that are very easy to use.